! Lola D ! is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (Which?). She is level 17 ().

Usual Appearance

! Lola D ! has pale skin, brown eyes, freckles and black hair (most of the time). ! Lola D ! also has "themes" for her wadrobe. Her first theme was light purple. and when she had a page of light purple clothes, she then moved to black and yellow, which nearly made her look like a bumblebee.. Her themes were, light purple, black and yellow, green, pink, blue, red and now it's purple again. Next it's light pink along with dark blue and white (together.)


! Lola D ! is kind and she does often give out autosto people. However, she does not give out gifts or wishies. ! Lola D ! has many other accounts that help her with fame and starcoins. Before the new levels came out, she was halfway through level 9. She used to level up like every week. Now she is on level 17, even though she just started MSP in October 2013. She had made loads of shprt movies that had like 10-25 views but unfortunately Lola "accidentally" deleted them. ! Lola D ! is nice though. She is one of those moviestars you can call... "generous".

Music Videos

Lola is not in any music videos, mainly because she doesn't know how to make one. She might be in some in the future though. Maybe, maybe not.


  • Lola is nearly 12
  • She knows Leini1, Swagerozz, Girl1004ev, Masoria, Alaskina21 and many other moviestars in real life.
  • ! Lola D ! blocked a moviestar before but that was only because she was ever so mean to her
  • One of her back-up accounts used to be friends with Ishacool but then Ishacool deleted her
  • She has a blog,
  • Lola is half of ! Lola D !'s real name. The D stands for her surname.
  • Lola isn't born in England