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SonicRainboomsXD, pixie11111 and PinkyPrincess!


A lot of the content on this page is the exact copy of that of a previous version on the MovieStarPlanet Wiki.

absolzoey was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 27 (Trendsetter Moviestar). Her sister in real life also has a MovieStarPlanet account under the name Pixie11111.


Absol was known for all of her content equally. She made looks, various artbooks, short movies, and has made a few movie series in the past. She also uploaded artwork of hers through the photos feature. Most of what Absol does and has done on MSP is based around or related to My Little Pony, Bastille, Monster High, and more recently Big Hero 6 as she has much interest in these things. She gained most of her fame from her many short movies, but has also gained some through being featured in friends movies or movie series. In addition to what she did on MSP Absol is also a very active editor of the MSP wiki, however she generally only gains recognition for this on the wiki or on her US account.

At the start of 2015 Absol announced on the wiki that she would be quitting MSP after the year was over. She eventually quit the game on the 13th August 2015.

Usual Appearance

absolzoey has green and red "Ailen Eyes" with orange and hot pink eyeshadow, she also has pink "Coolcat" lips. She almost always wears some "Spider Leg Lashes" on her eyes. When she is not dressed up as something specific, she tends to were some rare tattoos that she acquired when it was still possible to buy rares from other MovieStar's looks. She also loves anything to do with cats and wears a lot of Cat Ears, most of her looks consist of them. More recently, almost every look she has contains a pair of "Triangluar" earrings.

Artbooks, Movies & Looks


Absol does not make artbooks very often. Though her most popular artbook is called "Monster High" and has 240+ loves.


Absol doesn't really have much of a plan for a next Movie series. She isn't on MSP as much as she could be any more meaning that she doesn't have time to make movies. Occasionally she will make a few short movies, but that is about it.

Her longest ever series, was called "The Story Of The ABSOL". It had 3 seasons in total, but each had the same story line. By the time she had moved on and made more movies, this series slowly died away as absol became less and less involved in the story line. By the end of season 3 she decided to stop.


Absol has decided to focus her MSP time making and purchasing looks that really show off her personality. A lot of these looks have her re-occurring items such as the Triangle earrings or black fangs. Most of the time she is pretty girly in her choice of colours with neon rainbow colours and pinks, but there are a few times she has been known to darken the look and be slightly Gothic.


This interview was performed by KornEternal5's UK account, Korn=E=5 and Absolzoey.

Why did you join MSP?
I joined MSP when I saw an advertisement for it back in 2011. I had seen it many times before I actually said to myself "Let's check this out". Now I just don't know what I would do without MSP.

What did you first think of it? Was it different?
To be honest, it took me a while to actually decide it was a good game, it took me a while to work out how I could change the colours of clothes too. And it was different to what it is now defiantly... But it was also very different to any other online game of this nature I had played.

If you wanted to rename your account to anything you wanted, what would it be?
I don't know. Probably something with the word Bastille in it, because they are like de best band. Or maybe something to do with MLP. Something like: AbsolBastillePony maybe. But I'm happy with my name the way it is. ;)

What are your usual hobbies and activities?
On MSP or outside of MSP?
I haven't been on too much for personal reasons, however when I do get on I like to try and get a new outfit for my MovieStar. I love the clothes in this game. Sometimes I will make a short movie or 2 but that really depends on which of my 3 computers I am using.
I also really like to catch up and talk to my closest friends here, and stalk high level MovieStars because it's fun to see what they get up too. xD

Who do you think is the nicest person in the UK, and the worst person?
Well, I'm not really one to judge like that... The nicest person to me personally is PinkyPrincess! and the worst... Someone who has bullied either me or my friends here.

What would you be like if you hadn't joined wikia or MSP?
Nothing. Actually, I would have my Monster High dolls, and I would have still found Bastille and fallen in love with their music. But I wouldn't be a brony, nor would I have joined the wikia. If I hadn't joined MSP my life would be very different...


  • Absolzoey is on this wiki under the username AbsolTheHiroPone.
  • She is not very good at spelling, or grammar.
  • She has many "spare" accounts, but she has two main back-ups: !!!GouenjiandIchigo!!! and AlicornAbsol.
  • She is currently 17-years-old.
  • In the 2 years she has been on MSP, she has never got anywhere in any competition.
  • She is on Team Wizzies, and her sister's team: Team Awesome.
  • Her favourite emoticon is "xD"