Aira829 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 10 (Stylish Star). She is kind and fun and is always happy and cheerful. She is currently inactive.

Artbooks, Movies, Looks


Although Aira doesn't make artbooks a lot, she enjoys creating them.


Aira makes lots of movies. She is currently working on 'Girl With Problems'. Its about a new girl at school who has problems.


Aira doesn't make looks very much either. She mostly makes looks of Rapunza #1 fan


  • She is best friends with Rapunza #1 fan in real life.
  • Her favorite color is green.
  • She was hacked by someone she knows in real life, though no one has figured out who.
  • The reason her username is Aira829 is because the main girl on her favorite TV show was Aira and her birthday is 8-29 (August 29).
  • She plays Minecraft.
  • She doesn't like being judged.
  • She admits, her movies are kind of bad, but she's new to them.
  • She has an Instagram.