Alishak is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 64 (Extremely Cool Movie Star).


Alishak is currently on the first page of top MovieStarPlanet Rankers, she is well known for her quirky style and well earning sm's

Usual appearance

Alishak has deep blue eyes shown off by long luscious spider legged lashes complete with a baby pink lipstick and a tanned honey skin tone.

Artbooks, Movies & Looks


Alishak has made many artbooks which benfit and try to help her fans for example where she's willing to add people into her sm's (Short Movies) for extra fame, Alishak also has a wide variety of art books including one's about her current boyfriend Adept.


Alishak is well known in the movie world for her high earning sm's (Short Movies) as she does not do many series, but when she does you can expect them to be great and highly watched like her Scooby doo series she did not long ago.



  • She doesn't answer messages.
  • That she is a fame seeker.
  • That she is adept

All of the above are rumours and have yet to be proven true.