Beautyswag12 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is level 32 (Hero Movie Star). Her backup is Swxgger and her other backup is Biianca (Both On Canadian MovieStarPlanet). She joined March 15th 2015.

Her Fans

Beautyswag12, Mostly known by her name Bianca, Has well over 7900 subscribers on YouTube and has gained most of her fame from her YouTube channel. It is said that she gets 20+ messages on her account each hour, and that is true. She gets lots of support on her YouTube and also her MovieStarPlanet account.

Her Accounts

Main Canada Account: beautyswag12

Backup Canada Account: Swxgger

Second Backup On Canada: Biianca

USA Account: Biancalynn 12

UK Account #1: EllieDaCuteOne

UK Account #2: > GothGirl <

UK Hacker Hunter Account: DatHackerHunter

Spanish Account: beautyswag12

Irish Account: ItzRose<3

German Account: x lexi

Australian Account: BiancaBae<3


Her MSP user usually has blue eyes and pale lips and also wears the "Pumpchkin Cheeks".


Her first ever MSP user was BeautySwag123 on canada MSP, but it was hacked by soccerpro55991 who used to be Bianca's best friend. Bianca was also hacked in November 2015 by user triciawatt (Level 57) and Bianca could not get It back because she didn't have her email on it but eventually got it back by emailing MSP with her last digits of her credit card used to buy her VIP.

Best Friends

Her closest friends on CA MSP: EmDancer004 (Level 29), >Wishberry< (Level 47), Jenna2002s (Level 37), Knoxx (Level 25), ! tess ! (Level 15), Morrgannn (Level 9), Candy64710 (Level 28), ChaseBear<3 (Level 30).

Her closest friends on US MSP: BocaButrea (Level 16).


- Her name is Bianca

- She is 14 years old

- Her YouTube channel is called xItsBiancaa with 7963 subscribers as of August 2016

- She doesn't like bullies

- She is super nice and beautiful


- Bianca is rude

- Bianca is a hacker

- TylerDx1 (Level 53 and Ex-BFF of Bianca) asked her out but she rejected him and that's why they aren't friends

- She has bought diamond packs for GABBYTHEDUDE (Level 63 and highest level on CA MSP)

- She uses over 1000 fake accounts to watch her movies

- She is only friends with her best friends ^ because they buy her VIP and earn her fame.

- Her mom works with MSP

- Bianca knows Pumpchkin in real life

all these rumors are fake.