CandaceFlynn10012 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 24 ().


She really likes making ArtBooks for fun. She also does YouTube videos about MSP and other things. Candace has hundreds of accounts. Shes always wanted to do rare trade and become a forumer. Neither of those things has been successful for her though. Candace's other account is called CrazyNeonCreep who is a not very well known forumer. The thing that helped CandaceFlynn10012 level up the most would probaly be her artbooks and her 2 popular movies, getting to level 3 didn't take long for Candace, being the 3rd account that she ever made on msp. She was never very popular or well-known on msp and didnt have fans or supporters until recently. You may know CandaceFlynn10012 from youtube if not from msp.

Usual Appearance and Style

When she joined, CandaceFlynn10012 was like an MSP barbie. She was always wearing pink dresses with blonde hair. Then shortly after getting VIP for the first time she started buying tons of different style clothes and now has basically any style you can think of. Candace has changed her appearance lots and lots of times since joining MSP and has changed a lot.

Account History

CandaceFlynn10012 didnt always have her current account. Her old user was Molly13312. When Candace discovered she could get VIP she chose CandaceFlynn10012 as her main account to get the VIP on. Then months later she gave away Molly13312 to a new owner.


CandcaceFlynn10012's team is called Candy's Cuties. It was created in August 2014 and has only around 4 members/supporters. In 2013 Candace created a quite successful group called Project Stop the Hate. it had about 54 members. It was later to be deleted and re-made in 2014 because her Best friend (not to be named) had a more successful club that was copied off of hers.

Artbooks, Movies and Looks


CandaceFlynn10012's most popular artbook was Free SC with over 1000 loves. But sadly MSP deleted the artbook and a few more of her popular ones. Candace's artbooks have an average amount of loves ranging from 30-100


Candace has made many movies and series in the past. Most got deleted due to not getting any views. A few were successful and therefore not deleted. She quit making movies last year and now only makes sm to watch on her other accounts.


CandaceFlynn10012 has lots of looks and lots of clothes. There's a new look from her almost everyday. Her looks don't have many loves and there's no purchases.