Chayene is a regular user of MyStarPlanet* (ES). She is Level 34 (Movie Star Sociable).
*MyStarPlanet is Spanish MovieStarPlanet, MSP has not given a reason why they have named it different.
She is currently 1st on the Spanish high scores.
Her backup account is Chay.


Chayene is a user on Spanish MSP.

Popularity and History

Chayene made her account in December 2013, when Spanish MSP had just launched.

Artbooks, Looks and Movies

Chayene has made a lot of artbooks, looks and movies.

Her artbooks are often made for special occasions, to announce something. Most of her artbooks earn the front page of the artbook highscores.

Her movies are also very popular, gaining 100+ views. Her most watched movie actually earned the most starcoins on the highscores for movies on Spanish MSP. Chayene frequently makes short movies.

Chayene also makes many looks, all of which become popular quickly.

Usual Appearance

Chayene can be found with a pair of blue 'Pretty Perfect' eyes. She has a pointed nose, and a peachy-orange lip color. She can be found wearing black or light brown hair She also has a tan skin. Her style is tomboy-ish.