Chenobird is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 20 (). She is normally addressed by the nickname "Cheno", and to many others she is creative and unique. Her fans or supporters are called Champs or Cheno's Champs.

About Chenobird

She has spoken saying that she doesn't want to call her friends or anyone "supporter" implying that she doesn't want to use them just for fame, but for the friendship. She believes that everyone is a Champ no matter what, even those on opposing team. Cheno is a cool, calm, and collective user who gets along with pretty much anyone. She is confident as well.

Artbooks, Movies, & Looks



Chenobird has had a series titled "Dungeon Trade" that was doing fairly well, until she stop making them. Because of the lack of inspiration, she felt that she could no longer continue. Nowadays, she repitively makes Short Movies to gain quick sc and fame like most common Msp users. In the future, she plans on furtherly progressing Dungeon Trade and making newer series as well.


Cheno is most popular for her looks. Most of her friends think they are creative, fun, hip, and just amazing. She does not to please anyone in her looks, other than herself, which makes others adore them so well. Because she is not VIP, all of her looks are mainly for Non-Vip users. They usually cost between 2.000-4.000 sc at the most.

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