Chuck is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). He is Level 60 (Celebrity Moviestar).


Chuck is on the first page of high scores, he is best known for dating the top ranking Movie star Ishacool on and off for years, recently Isha Has Moved onto zack the bass1, Since Isha moving on he has seemed to be quiet but is setting his mind to making sm's everyday so his fans can earn fame and money when they watch.

Usual appearance

Usually Red clothes, he is seen to be wearing trousers and jeans mostly with a upbeat short hairstyle complete with his lip piercing.



Mostly sm's that help other earn fame and money, The haunted.


You don't have to scroll down far to find many artbooks about Ishacool, apart from recent ones including about going away and about his new movie series The Haunted.


his looks include one about America and one about him being a dork and proud.