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Donnie C is a popular user in Moviestarplanet (US). He is level 70 (Expressionist Moviestar).


He joined in August 2011.

Relationship With Pumpchkin

Donnie C and user Pumpchkin are described as MovieStarPlanet's "Brangelina" and have been said to been the animated portrayers of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship. However, they are no longer together because Pink Money, a user in moviestarplanet, spread rumors that Donnie C and Pumpchkin were the same person. For a while his status said "Missing Pump". Now the two have different relationships.

Usual Appearance and style

As much as he's well known as Pump's other half, Donnie's style is another thing that gives him advantage over other boys on MSP. His infamous coarse mustache and wide variety of hats and ice became a popular trend among the numerous fashion fans on MSP that look up to him for courage... and reeling in girls.


  • Pump is the same person as Donnie.