Glamourgal226 is regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


She is a kind loving person who cares for her supporters. She currently has three best friends, Pinky of Self, Jasmin S and Alex2347788. All participate in her team "The Golden Age" a team where Glamour (Gigi) is fed up with Non-Vip and Vip segregation. She is currently dating Maximus Bradley, and is very busy at her new line of movies.


Gigi, over the past year has made hundreds of movies, her genre spread as well she did many competition movies such as: "The Leo's Return" and "Moving to the Sticks with my Hillbilly Cousins" she first began with an amateur series called "Sneaky" displaying the horrors cheaters can inflict to the heart, it later in the third season became science fiction when Sammy's boyfriend was killed and turned into a ghost, dealing with an evil physic along the way. She then continued that genre for quite some time following the series "Spooked." She then turned onto Realistic Fiction with the show "The Hidderens" a rich family who is being hunted by a greed-hounding thief who wants to steal all their money. The show was a big hit, and Glamours fame sky rocketed. She then began "Opposite Worlds," and then "Twisted Tales." Sooner or later she began "My Best Friends are Monsters." Becoming bored of her science fictional movies she began a series called "Love, Life, Lies." The show was a huge success. After canceling her "Divergence" mini series, Glamour is now going back to what she loves. Horror Movies.

Love History

Glamour has gone through many tragic loves and losses throughout her MSP time. Her first love was Eaglehorn, whom she lost touch with on the account that he was from England and they never really talked much. After a month's absence, she lost hope and fell in love with Javajoe1. It was true love in her eyes, but shortly after Joe's engagment, he got cancer and died January 4th, 2014. She never thought she would love again, Glam just lost hope. She began to date a long time after Joe in April, she went with Snowking$. He was never really on much and left MSP without saying goodbye. She never dated since until she came upon Drew !, who was introduced to Gigi by one of her friends. They dated for some time, and even beame engaged, but now Gigi is with Maxmimus Bradley.


Glamourgal's supporters are called Goldeneers, for her Golden Age. She loves her supporters and try's to help them however she can. One of her mottos are "Support the Supporters." In spite of the MSP leaders not giving back. She loves Mybeau and has always cared about her. She is friends with Packers but is yet to friend her.