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HarryJamesPotter is a user of Moviestarplanet (US). He is Level 34 (?).


Harry has been around MSP for a while. He started as any other Harry Potter loving user. He made many Potter outfits and had a group of friends. He made cool artbooks, movies, and looks. His artbooks got him most of the popularity, for he put a lot of detail in them and used money on perfect outfits. His artbooks started getting 100+ loves and going to the top. As of today, MANY of his artbooks (and a few of Harry's movies) have gone to the top. But of course, he doesn't make any now.

Quitting Moviestarplanet

HarryJamesPotter has been around forever, so he sometimes gets bored with the game. Harry has quit MSP about 3 or 2 times. The first time he stated he was just going. But later, came back. Again, he later left. Everytime he came online, joy was in his friends' hearts as they freaked out and messaged him crazily. He normally would go in his old Harry Potter outfit when he quit. 

His current quit has been the longest so far. He left during his famous Miss MSP competition, which last year he finished and got lots of fame from it. Nobody knows why really, but some suspect that he left because about all of his close friends quit.

Lots of stars believe he might be gone for good, even with a playful status and animation.