Helen011 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 26 (Lifestyle Movie Star). Helen has been around in MSP since July 2012, and has 28,884 views in her profile.


Helen is a user who makes short movies and loves chatting with her 4th. She used to be a follower by being in some of the popular groups, but later became independent and was her own leader. She created "Helen's Hearties" but she stopped, and is now an Emerald.

Usual Appearance and Style

Helen has dark brown 'Glitter Glalore', a pointy nose and light pink 'Cool Cat' lips. Her style includes girly and tomboy mixes. She wears light and dark colors a lot.

Artbooks, Movies, and Looks


Helen has only 3 artbooks. They are titled 'It's Funny How...', 'For: My Wifeyy' and 'Connect the Dots'.


Helen only has 14 short movies.


Helen has 5 looks.


  • She use to have a bunch of artbooks, movies and looks. She later deleted them and restarted.
  • Her sister's account is Gloria23676