High Scores

The High Scores Chart is the chart that records the progress of each MSP user based on fame and how many starcoins they have earned. It also records the highest watched movies, best rooms, looks, artbooks, highest watched YouTube playlist, highest level pets, best clothes, items, backgrounds, and most popular animations. The chart shows both high scores for you and your friends and another aisle for all movie stars on whatever country you are on MovieStarPlanet with.

Highest Scoring Movies

The high scores chart judges the best movies by looking at three categories: the most star coins produced from the movie's release, the highest ratings received from other movie stars and finally how many views the movie has gotten. The highest scoring movie stars (i.e. pumpchkin, Joanna.Pety, $hort Movies', etc.) have a tendancy to gain the most views and ratings due to spreading the word through their fan groups. Short movies also get on the list.

Most Loved Rooms

The only criteria needed to make the cut on the high scores with your room is getting it out to the masses. Whether it is between you and your friends, or competiting with all movie stars, all it takes to get your room on the high scores is to have the most likes. As mentioned previously, the most famous movie stars tend to have the most people come into their rooms and as a result, their rooms get the most love.

Most Popular Looks

If you mix, match, and make the perfect look, you just might meet the criteria needed to get to the high scores chart.