Hollyrenee is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 61 (Super Movie Star).


Hollyrenee is an active user on the UK MSP. She is currently on the second page of the highscores and is level 57. Hollyrenee is mostly known for her leadership in the 'angelings' group on msp. Hollyrenee is loyal to all angelings and puts friends before fame and fortune. Hollyrenee became famous because of her dedication and sisterly friendship with candired. In 2014, candired became inactive to put her heart into imvu, however hollyrenee stayed on moviestarplanet to help friends and be there for the angelings. Hollyrenee has been described as a kind hearted member of moviestarplanet who does whatever she can to satisfy her fans and friends. Hollyrenee is also well known for her past with ishacool, roxy-1, franisepic and Alishak. There was much drama between them, causing in msp riots and hatred. Hollyrenee made blog posts about this catastrophe. There is still fights between them.



Hollyrenee makes some series on moviestarplanet. Her latest series 'animals' has been a great success so far and is being viewed a lot. Compared to other high levelled moviestars such as ishacool and roxy-1, hollyrenee's movie views are very low on views. Hollyrenee has said in the past that it's because she dosen't ask for people to rate her movies, and friendship comes before fame.


Hollyrenee's art books are usually dedicated to her fans, friends, and angelings. A lot of her art books give info on her weekly themes. Her art books are popular and successful.


Hollyrenee makes lots of looks. Her looks are usually based on her weekly themes.


In the past many rumours have been spread about hollyrenee. It's been stated that she's a 'fame seeker' and a 'begger' moviestars would post screenshots of rude messages sent to them from hollyrenee on blogs ect. However, hollyrenee has denied each and every one by claiming they are fake edits by giving evidence.


  • She is the leader of the angelings
  • Holly puts friends before fame
  • She owns on a blog
  • She shares a blog with her best friend candired