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Ishacool is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 81 (Supreme Moviestar). Ishacool is currently 1st in the UK high scores.


Isha as she is sometimes called, is first in UK high scores in the English server of moviestarplanet. Though there are many rumors about her, they haven't been proven true or false.

Usual Appearance

Ishacool usually has colored hair, neon blue-green eyes, and wears pink or red mostly but doesn't have a certain style.

Artbooks, Movies, & Looks



She recently got a hit number of views from her new series 'The Circus'. She also has several short movies.



  • She used hacks to gain so many levels.
  • She's extremely mean.
  • She bullied a couple of 7 year old girls (They Complimented her looks, but she made fun of theirs)

Keep in mind they are just rumors and have yet to be proven true.


  • Ishacool has a blog with her best friend, Pandypolo.
  • She used to be best friends with DaiVanille & ShawRe, but both quit almost 1 year ago.
  • Her guestbook is filled up daily.
  • Ishacool has 2 other accounts: Vintage and Missisha. Both of these accounts are now above level 25.
  • She has an IMVU account.
  • Her imvu account is called DaVintish.
  • She is disliked by many Candired fans because on Fran Is Epic's blog she wrote that Candired was jealous of Ishacool.
  • Ishacool recently merged with Fran Is Epic and Roxy-1 to create a team called Heroes, a team to spread good messages and put a stop to hate, ect.
  • Ishacool used to swear when she was about level 17. There is evidence of this.
  • Ishacool is glitched by very lower levels every single day.
  • In January, a status from Isha reading " H*cked by Ece " was published. Everyone believes Isha to be faking, but on her blog claims it to be true. Claims also from Isha were made saying that she had changed her password due to her bff Roxy-1 not being able to access her account.