ItzJerz is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 58 (Experienced Moviestar). Her old account, "Jerseyhotmess", was level 24 (before the new levels) before being banned from the game.

Jersey's Promise

In the very beginning, Jersey started with one of her best friends, Daniela, when they first discovered MSP. Soon, Daniela killed herself on December 29th 2012 because of online bullying. Jersey has stated that at her best friend's funeral, she promised her that she would "change all the online bullying and not let anyone else do what you did." Jersey still holds on to that promise to this day and claims this is the only reason why she still plays moviestarplanet. All this information is included in one of Jersey's artbooks on her normal account ItzJerz and her old ArtBook on Jerseyhotmess which can still be seen if you scroll down a little on the highscores of past Artbooks.


Jersey's Jewels are known to have an ongoing feud with Pumpchkin and her porters. Although neither Jersey or Pump have displayed public hate towards one another, messages and wall comments made by both of the girl's supporters and close friends have been seen. The tension is never ending between the two groups and Jewels are encouraged to not add Porters and vice versa.


Jersey's old account, Jerseyhotmess, was a level 24 user--back when new levels weren't around-- when it happened. She was banned for swearing and bullying which, when re-joining, Jersey says was by someone else, which was proven to be real when she posted a picture on Twitter. When she did, it was a shock to everyone. Porters celebrated the absence of Jersey, while Jewels were left sad and confused. However, while she was gone, people still were part of the group and kept "Jewel" in their status, surprisingly. A few days later, Jersey re-joined MSP with the username ItzJerz, and explained why she left by claiming that her cousin was on her account and got her banned. When she re-joined, it wasn't surprising but still great news for Jewels and an upset to some Porters. Some Porters were surprised that she joined back which made the bullying and hate towards her grow even bigger.


  • She knows Draketheman101 in real life.
  • She has bipolar disorder.

These are both rumors and have not been proven to be true.


  • Her real name is Yuli.
  • Her old account was Jerseyhotmess.
  • She has 5 accounts at the moment.
  • She is Jerseyhotmess on the Canadian MSP.
  • Her birthday is July 31st.
  • She does have an Instagram and Twitter.
  • She is a teenager.
  • She used to be in Team Pump.
  • She has a promise to end online bullying.
  • She is in Highschool.
MSP Flattering

One of Itzjerz's looks.