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J!NXED is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). He is level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).


Aidan started having fame at level 8 and got his fame to rise when he started to become best friends with Skrilla. Once he started to rise he made a show called "School Bell" that was a huge hit and started to have massive amounts of views. Then he started a show called "Rich Life". Then after 10 episodes of "Rich Life" Skrilla stopped being his best friend because of the show. Aidan stared as a dare-devil and was always trying new things. Then he started to change how he looked. Once he started "Rich Life" he started to take on different appearances. (Emo/Gothic)3 weeks later, Aidan ended "School Bell" to start having more time to make "Rich Life" a hit. Rich Life soon ended, because of ratings and little views. Then he started a show called "Uh Oh!" after a few months of ending "Rich Life".


Aidan's avatar has tan skin, black eyes, a peirced mouth and freckles. His outfit and appearance may vary.

Hacked and Banned

Aidan was hacked by a hacker on 2/1/15 and was banned from MSP. However, he is now online again.


  • He has made a club called "Team JINXED" or sometimes refereed to as "Team West" and it is about ending bullying.
  • He calls his fans Westers.
  • He is a singer.
  • His real name is Aidan.
  • He is American.
  • He gets bullied in real life.
  • His backup account is The J!NXED on USA MSP.
  • He is a Wester (J!NXED Supporter/Fan)
  • He levels up EXTREMELY fast! On the date of 6/14/15 he leveled up from level 21 to level 22. Then on the date of 6/15/15 he leveled up from level 22 to level 23. And then on 6/16/15 he leveled up from level 23 to level 24! So you can see he levels up fairly fast!
  • He has his own official blog called JINXED MSP and is all about his MSP life. The link to his blog is:


  • He made all his fans, best friends, and his girlfreind's account.
  • J!NXED is a scammer and a hacker.
  • J!NXED harasses others, is stuck up, and doesn't care for others.
  • J!NXED uses his backup to bully
  • He is a girl.
  • He is goth and emo.

Keep in mind these rumors have yet to be proven true.