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What Jojo looked like.

Level: 0

Profile Views: 23 (As of July 9, 2013) 


Boyfriend: kk summer (24)



packers212121 (Level 25)

100% Goofball (Level 16)

short movies--------- (Level 23)

Fan Group: None

Joanna.Pety was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She was Level 25 (Legendary Moviestar) before the new levels were added, and now her deleted account's level is 60. She also used to be a judge.


At the time of her quitting, Joanna was engaged to kk summer. They were together for about 5 months before she quit. She also had a long past relationship with Pump's ex, Donnie C. When Pump & Donnie decided to date, they asked her. She also had a relationship with another guy who was a fan and called her beautiful, and TanaMan'.


Pump, Joanna and OhhItzAutumn were at the top before. When Joanna started to beat Autumn, the first user to get to level 20, Autumn's fans didn't like it and sent Joanna some rude messages. Joanna and Autumn both made videos saying how good of friends they were and Autumn said she was happy for JoJo. The messages had died down and Joanna took first place in the high scores. Joanna's fame continued to rise and she gained a lot of fans. Even though the drama with Autumn's fans stopped, new drama surfaced. Because of that, Joanna deleted her account leaving her fans and friends sad and confused. Another reason she deleted her account is she couldn't take what was going on in her life and had a lot of depression and stress. In February 2012, Joanna returned to MSP and explained to her fans why she left. Everything seemed to be fine after a while but over time, people JoJo trusted turned on her, people were using her for fame, hating on her because she was famous, and boys broke her heart. The drama was too much for her, so she threatened to quit several times. Luckily for her fans, one of JoJo's BFFs had always been there to cheer her up and prevent her from quitting. Joanna's fans helped her a lot, too, by sending messages full of support and kind words.But the drama she had come back; the drama involved her past relationship with Donnie C, Pump, & haters also came back! She also had an account called Joanna.Louise which was her backup. It too, Is also deleted.


On July 27, 2013, Joanna.Pety deleted herself. While she had made quick decisions when she was angry (when she quit last time), Pumpchkin said in a movie that this time she had a lot of time to think about it and she decided that she was not happy in MSP anymore. She said that even though Jo came back the last time she quit, Pumpchkin said that this time she didn't think Joanna was coming back. While others think differently, people still have "Heroes" in their status, and "We miss you Jojo", too. Some say that her new account is [Joanna Pety] but the rumor is not true says kk summer. People also started rumors that she will come back for someone. No, no. Not for kk summer. For a special fan. She has a special fan and that fan's account is called mjz19910. Will JoJo come back for her? This remains unknown.


  • She made her account in February 2012.
  • She had a very good sense of humor
  • You were able to tell the different between Jo and her backup, Joanna.Louise by the color of their lips. Joanna.Pety's were pink, but Joanna.Louise's lips were red. Also, the shape of their noses were different.
  • Many users claim to be Jojo, but it is unknown if she is really back or gone for good.
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What her backup account, Joanna.Louise, looked like.