Kitty kat love was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 14 (In demand MovieStar). Kitty kat love used to be Rapunza #1 fan's account.

Artbooks, Movies, Looks

Kitty kat love created lots of movies. Her series 'Lost' had 7 parts before she was hacked. Her movie 'Ghosts aren't real... or are they?' got over 400 views without her even trying. She suspects its the fact that she submitted it to a competition and that it was close to the first page.


She was hacked by an unknown user. She claims that is was her fault that she lost her, since she knew someone hacked her because of a status she didn't write, but she didn't change the password. Later that day she got 1 month VIP. The next day her account's password was changed, and she could not recover it.


  • She was bullied, one of the bullies even made a hater account called Kitty kat lovee
  • Her movie 'Ghosts aren't real... or are they?' got more views than any of Rapunza #1 fan's movies ever did.