KornEternal5 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 27 (Trendsetter Moviestar). She is also a member of the wiki, but has since quit both areas and is already making plans to delete her user.


Eternal as of 2017-present.


Korn with her updated eyes, five days before her sixteenth birthday.


Eternal is the type that is somewhat of a mysterious person who loves gossip and drama. She also enjoys viewing the rivalry of famous moviestars, both new and old.

Usual Appearance and Style

Eternal has an undefined style or taste, although she recently switched from her vampiric appearance to a natural one.


Eternal used to have two accounts. She created her current account December 27th, 2012, and since then was locked from her account twice. She was previously a porter, and then a mybeauer, but due to the new dramas arising between the popular moviestars, she has decided to become neutral among the teams: She is not their enemy, but is also not their ally.

Artbooks, Movies, & Looks


Eternal does not always make artbooks, but their purpose is usually to promote new Movie Series or other Misc. things.


Eternal has not had much luck with series and has stopped making them.


She makes goth looks, normal looks, and many. She has made a countless array of looks of other people as well, but she does not do this all the time now.


She's usually a bit of a lone wolf, and prefers watching movies and doing other misc. things on the game. She can be generous but doesn't like it when people nag for items. At times, her status updates can be very sarcastic, but that is only because she is older. Eternal is also the kind of person to run through her fortune very quickly.


Eternal grew distant from others and somewhat mean as the years passed, particularly during her high school years. There were times she didn't visit the site for weeks due to becoming bored and not having VIP.

On November 30th, 2018, Eternal made an artbook called Final Thoughts after a six month hiatus. It announced that she would quit the game, and on December 28th (the day she joined), she would delete all of her accounts (US, UK, CA). Her only reason was that she was too old to be playing, having joined the game at the age of ten six years prior. She provided her Snapchat username and a picture of her in real life in the artbook also.

All her reasons for quitting include:

  1. The game becoming too childish and boring
  2. Real life situations
  3. Growing up and maturity
  4. Not enough time to play


  • Her real name is September.
  • Although many people call her 'Korn', she prefers being called 'Eternal'.
  • Eternal has a Wikihow account.
  • In real life, she has two dogs, although she has since moved, and one of them now lives in her dad's house while the other went with her.
  • Eternal joined the game December 28th, 2012.
  • Despite her appearance, Eternal wasn't goth or emo, but just wanted to look different.
  • Her birthday is Jauuary 16th, making her a Capricorn on the zodiac. 
  • Eternal is 16 currently.
  • How she looked in the past, or with VIP for the first time.
  • How she looked without VIP, in Late Feb-Early March.
  • Korn's appearance as a VIP since November, 2013
  • How she looked when she first joined.
  • One of Korn's Christmas 2014 looks.
  • Eternal's Boonie from Boonieverse.