Kylie_Kardash is a regular user on Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 75 (Jaunty Moviestar). She is currently 6th on the American high scores.

About Kylie_Kardash

Although she keeps a tight circle with Pumpchkin's team, Kylie is one of the few Porters that doesn't constantly have her name in drama. She keeps an open minded view on many of Pump's rivals. Although she doesn't get involved, Kylie stands up for her friends and is the backbone of Team Pump. There has been several occasions where Kylie has responded to hate, but they are usually general responses; there isn't much hate toward her at all. She may be either shy, or just a pro when it comes to being on the MSP good-girl list. Her birthday is on December 14th.

Popularity and Hate

Most of the hate that she does get from time to time is because she's apart of Team Pump, and many people think she is mean because of her Team. However, Kylie has shown to be a very good person overall.

Kylie has her own team called Kylie Kuties. 


Her Most recent series is called "Cinderella 2014".


In the summer of 2013, Kylie shared in an Artbook that she had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease from a tickbite that she didn't know she had. A lot of her Kuties responded and were very supportive of her. In her artbooks, she usually holds fun contests about her movies, or writes nice things thanking her supporters and her good friends. A+ for the lovely girl, too!


  • She called ItzJerz a piece of plastic on the day of Jersey's birthday.
  • She purposely tricked xxhappyxx who is now pink money, into getting her user banned.
  • She may seem nice, but she's bullied many and even said Mybeau was a hairless rat.
  • Late at night in a chatroom, she was mean to a couple of users.
MSP ♥Light Banana Strawberry♥ by Pump

What Kylie looks like.