Luv Autumn is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 14 (In Demand Movie Star).


Autumns fans are known as Sweeties, and She has a new club that is called 'Gorgeous Supporters'. Luv Autumn is seen to be nice, sweet, and friendly of making people's day and giving compliments but, you don't want to be mean to her or ask for anything she might go beserk because she has Bipolar Disorder. As of Autumn started changing her style, dressing as a Cutie and Little Goth.


Although there have been some drama there have been rumors.She has always responded to the hatred that she gets from others, and she does not retaliate via artbook or statuses. Autumn also does not connect other social media websites to Moviestarplanet. Therefore, there is less of a problem for her with arguments or conflict outside of MSP. Autumn replied to meaness. This left all her Sweeties shocked and disbelief she got mean words said after that. Even more people are shocked, and some believed Autumn was acting different. However she explained how she didn't want to be mean but, wanted to do something about it and it has been going on.


  •  She's a Bully.


  •  Her real name is Tiffany  
  • She has Blue/Green Eyes Dark Hair
  •  She plays Soccer
  •  Her favorite game is Call Of Duty Black Ops