Missuniverse is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 14 (In demand Moviestar). Most people know her for being a current and active former. Missuniverse does have offsites. 


After being on MSP for a month, Missuniverse joined the world of forums in September 2011. She's been throughout every single war or dispute on forums. People may know her as "Amanda the Flying Panda" or just simply "Missy". She criticism and spunky attitude make forums more interesting. She may get mad at the littlest things, but she still is a good person. If you're ever on forums and see the signature ☼Missy☼ , you'll know it's her.


Missuniverse is a victim of the Anonymous hacking in 2012. She saw Anonymous on the homescreen and ignored it. Anonymous had changed her password and took half of her clothes. Missuniverse describes the attacking "Unpredictable" and "Confusing". She had posted her story on forums, and after that almost everyone got hacked by Anonymous. Missuniverse wasn't scared of her at all. She actually thought the whole Anonymous situation was funny, due to "grown men" hacking onto kids websites. She thought that they had nothing to do in their lives, so they decide to crush kids hearts.

High Level People

Missunivere was friends with Pumpchkin when they first started MSP in 2011. Once Pumpchkin's fame started to rise, Missuniverse deleted her as a friend, but they never actually were close friends. In fact, they barely even talked at all. Missuniverse was also friends with Donnie C. and BabyCuteStuff.


  • She's a cheerleader
  • She does track, soccer, gymnastics, and cheerleading
  • She knows how to tumbler (the most difficult thing she can do is a layout)
  • Her real name is Brooklyn (but people call her Brooke)
  • She's related to a few famous people (some you may even know)
  • Her so called "celebrity husband" is Michael Jackson.
  • Excels in singing, dancing, tumbling, and performing arts
  • Wants to be a model, dancer, or marine biologist when she gets older