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A lot of the content on this page is the exact copy of that of a previous version of MovieStarPlanet Wiki.

Moderators are special users of MSP, they're MSP Staff. They work at MSP HQ in Denmark, where MSP was created originally. There are many Moderators on MSP, the most popular two being "005," and "041". They all have VIP, judge, and celeb accounts, and most of them are level 10 or higher.

Right now, it is really hard to tell how many there actually are. You can't search for official moderator accounts in the friends search bar. The easiest way to find moderators is through people's movies. People often add mods to their movies so you can just click on their name to add them. The two who are most favorited are Moderator005, and Moderator041, both mods have accounts in all currently existing MSP servers. Mod005 is a female user and Mod041 is a male user. The highest number at the end of the user Moderator is at 79, however it is possible that there are over 100 Moderators as the number contains 3 didgits and certain moderators may remain hidden.

What do Moderators do?

Moderators protect MSP. They are the ones who receive the reports you send in about bad behaving users. Sometimes if they notice you have done something incorrect or against the rules of MSP, they might even message you themselves. Moderators also work at MSP, and can have the power over a number of things. Recently Mod041 has put on his status that no amount of posts about "Princess Toes" (Rare Shoes) will bring them back. Sometimes the Moderators may put your request through to other staff members of MSP, but nothing is promised as some ideas are never put through. It is worth a shot making a forum about an idea you have though, you never know what they might do.

How do I know a user is a Moderator?

You can tell a user is a Moderator by the badge on their profiles. It is located across the avatar and reads "MODERATOR". Their names are also pretty similar and for the most part they're are best friends with other Moderators.

Adding Moderators as friends.

Moderators accept most of the friend requests they get. However if they are at a stage were they can no longer add users due to the friends limit they won't add you.

Moderators cannot accept Boyfriend/Girlfriend or BFF requests. The only reason Mod005 has a Boyfriend is because that is her account. She uses it only to test things on MSP as a regular user.

How to find a moderator

Since you cannot search moderators in the friend search box, it can be tricky finding one. As said before, you can sometimes find moderators in movies. But if you want an easier way to do it, go into the friend search box, type in "The Producer" and click on her profile. Her best friends are moderators, so you can friend them easily. Also, moderators may be in artbooks.