• To Help Bump People's Fame Up
  • To Add Notority To A Person's Profile 
  • To Help Bump Up Starcoins
  • To Entertain The Movie Stars
  • To Have Starring Roles And Get To Higher Levels
   Ranking Of Importance  On MovieStarPlanet: (Not Actually Polled, Inferred And Surveyed)

Craftwise: Ranks At #1

Entertainment Wise: Ranks At #2 (Behind YouTube)

Help With Fame: Ranks #1

Help With Starcoins: Either #1, #2, #3, or #4 (Competes With Awards, Missions, And Competitions)

Movies are just about the most important thing on MovieStarPlanet. They help bump up fame, give decent amounts of star coins, and overall can help entertain a moviestar who is bored and has nothing to do.


The purpose of movies are basically a cheat to help earn you fame, star coins, and can also help entertain someone who is bored out of their mind after none of their friends are either online, not messaging them, or just have something else they are doing while you're sitting there, improvising, and running through your messages consistently and looking at your guestbook for awards that you may never earn because you are so good to people, you constantly lose the diamonds you get from your VIP membership and... anyways, they can help you get star coins, fame, and a way out of boredom when you have nothing to do.

Basic Info About Movies

Whenever you watch a movie, you earn 10 starcoins. There is different kinds of movies such as short movies, regular movies, and 10 seconds for 10 starcoins. Short movies are a kind of cheat. (You are not supposed to talk about cheats though) You make short movies by adding people to your movie. Then you move them to different places. Next, you move them around in every scene in the movie until 6. In the sixth step, you make all your people move, then make someone say like, 'SM,' (They say the number after SM depending on If it's SM 2 Or SM 5.) You do not go to step 7. When it is time to name your movie, you name it, "Short movie" and save it. Then you have to log on to a different user, watch the movie that you made, and rate it 5 stars. You go back to your other user and you get 25 starcoins! Regular movies are movies that you can come up with and name yourself. Whenever you watch one, you get 10 starcoins, and you earn starcoins whenever someone watches one. The power of Shortmovies is because you earn 10 Starcoins a movie. Let's say you made 365 Shortmovies, well if you watched them all, then you would have earned 3,650 Starcoins. The last type of movie is a movie where people give free starcoins whenever someone watches one.</span>

How To Make Good Movies In Moviestarplanet

How To Make Good Movies In Moviestarplanet

How To Make Good Movies On MovieStarPlanet