Msp1234Msp is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is level 17 (Loved Movie star). She also has a account called TheQueenBoss on UK MSP and has another called yammyxox on CA MSP. She also has a YouTube channel called MSP Nicki.


msp1234msp (also known as Nicki) had join MSP back in March 2013 on this account. She used to have another account before the level update that was on level 18 which was VIP and private which got hacked and deleted. She was then into MSP again when she saw a better commercial on her television and joined quickly. She leveled up quickly with the help of her first friend, jenn2121, who then eventually became her BFF, who is still on her profile because jenn2121 is sometimes un-active. She stills continues her long journey on MSP and tries hard by inspiration from mybeau and itzjerz.



Very lucky for Nicki, she has a lot of friends who support her and watches her movies. Going from the first to latest movies she had done, got positive and nice reviews. Starting off with her SMs got almost 10 views each one. Then going to "Ally's Birthday Party", got 20 views each part (2). Then she had "Britney's Party" (5 Parts). Then she made another series called "The Slumber Party" just with 5 episodes getting views from 17-25. She got bored of doing things with parties so she did a new one, "Girls With Pigtails" she had done and made it but remains incomplete because she says "the plot is all twisted up". It receive a lot of views her first episode, making it her highest viewed movie around 21- 51 views up to episode K (the 14th episode). Nicki then stopped making movies for 3 months, clueless of what to do then she went a step further: a supernatural series called "The Ghost Sis". Nicki then surprised her friends with this since it was completed, amazing, and didn't have a confusing plot (10 Episodes, some where 2 minutes long with 10-30 views). After that she done a new series with a different genre, "Beyond Love" and "Beyond Love 2". The first season got 17- 27 views most of the times,(11 episodes) making this a really tough decision for her: End or continue. She ended it to continue a twist and smack went season 2. Season 2 had 13- 24 views, with just 12 episodes with each part. Then she came along with her latest one. "Living in a Nightmare" had then become a success for her because she went back with her genre of action and horror but made it with making each episode 2-4 minutes each with just 7 episodes, getting 17 - 30 views. She has a mini series called "Not Meant For Fame" featuring Mybeau and packers212121 so she will start her newer one called "Shattered Until The End". And if she finish it, she will make a remake of Smallville.