Natureluver13 is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is level 16 (), and is one of the accounts of KornEternal5

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Nature was created purposely to be an undercover account so that she could socialize with friends who had turned on her main account, KornEternal5, but was bullied by them for changing her "allignment" with Pump to Mybeau and then MyJerz before ultimately declaring neutrality between the teams.

Usual Appearance

She's gone through lots of changes, from neutral colors to the tan skin and popping outfits of a jewel, but plans to take on a more natural look that reflects her real appearance. Her clothes are not gothic nor is her appearance, which was the main purpose of her creation: to draw away any suspicion that she is Korn. However, she does not keep this secret.


She joined MSP on May 31st, 2013. As of 2016, Korn has started considering Natureluver as her "second main account", and not as a "backup": Korn's other backup account, Kornsbakup, has now filled Nature's old role.

Artbooks, Movies and Looks


She isn't a huge fan of artbooks, and rarely makes them.


Nature often makes movies which are meant to be series, but cancels them due to moviestars' changing appearances. However, she is changing her movie style and is planning more series.


Every now and then she will make a look, if she has enough money to buy the clothes that can be used.


Although Nature is the same person as Korn she can totally act different. While Korn is sullen and lone wolf, Nature can be peppy. Sometimes, if one looks very closely, they act the same.


  • She is Korn's official backup account.
  • KornEternal5, her main account, is 5 months older than Nature.
  • She and Korn have watched many movies.
  • Her Role Model is ItzJerz.
  • She is also the same person as Freeworks, who is a part of this wiki.
  • She is friends with porters, but has noticed not many of them are friendly.
  • Nature is Korn's first backup.
  • She is featured in Two of Packers212121's movies, and was once mentioned on his status.
  • How she looked as a jewel.
  • Her first look, or the day she joined.
  • How she looked as of June 2013.
  • Her new, updated look as of May 2014.
  • Natureluver's Updated Appearance.