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Nicolehotmess is a regular member on (US).She is level 14 (In Demand Moviestar).

About & History

Nicolehotmess, also known as Jessica, is a friendly person with a big heart for everyone. She claims that she was bullied multiple times on her old account, "Pink123bling" so she changed accounts. She made her new account, Janurary 2016 with even more depression, and sad stories. She is a girly girl, and she inspires her friends to be themselves, so she had decided to make a work in progress Artbook to show girls to be themselves. She levels up very quick due to her friends, and fans by telling them to watch her SM's, read her Artbooks, and love her looks. She is a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, and she doesn't push her religion on anyone, because she feels that people have the freedom of religion.

Usual Apparence and Style

Nicolehotmess has a perfect pair of bright blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pointy nose, a pink pair of "Cherry Gloss" lips, and a bright skin tone. She always changes her clothes when she makes a SM to show her fans who she really is. Nicole often wear black, white, and blonde hair that matches her outfits. Her causal style is "Girly", she rarely wears Goth colors when she is a bit bored of life. Her looks are rarely bought by others, but this is her favorite saying when things don't go right, " I will try my best to better in everything!"

Artbooks and Movies


Jessica's(Nicolehotmess) Artbooks are mostly about her life, friends, family, and depression. One artbook was called "To Pump", addressing Pump's bullying to other people. In her Artbook, Nicole told her fans that Pump bullied her when Nicole asked Pump, "How To Become Famous?" But Pump told her cruel things that crushed her to death, she told her fans to watch out for Pumpchkin because of what she had did to her. Her Artbook, "To Pump" received 45 loves and 23 comments, there was a "Pump Porter" whom commented on her Artbook, telling Nicolehotmess that she and her fans/friends are all babies which was later deleted by Jessica. Jessica hopes she could show Pumpchkin that everyone has the right to be popular than her. She had reveled her crush, Gonzalez XD (back up) on Sunday, showing her love for him.


Nicolehotmess made a movie about bullying and how bullying kills innocent people, and later on she made a movie about Pumpchkin, so she can tell Pumpchkin to stop bullying others. A hater/porter commented on her movie saying that, "Pump is better unless you." Which outraged Jessica to get even more fans and supporters. She made her first Series, "What Happened to Jenny?!" Part 1- Part 3, and she made them all on Sunday.


  • Her real name is Jessica.
  • She is a teenager.
  • She loves watching documentary shows like "My 600-lb Life" and inspirational anime.
  • Her favorite number is 7.
  • She loves to eat cookies, muffins, and other sweets, her favorite food is Rotie something Caribbean like.


  • People say that she is a hacker due to the amount of clothes that she has due to her joining Janurary 2016.
  • Pumpchkin and Nicolehotmess are friends in real life.
  • She is in love with packers21212.
  • She is also a bully herself, this rumor had happened due to her rejecting people's request for clothes when she knows they are rich moviestars.
  • Mybeau and her are related.
  • Jerseyhotmess might be her other account.
  • Someone pretended to be Nicolehotmess, by making an account called, Nicolehotmess999
  • People made accounts to bully her. It might be one of Pump's Porters.