Packers212121 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). He is Level 77 (Super Sparkling Moviestar). He is on the 1st page of the Highscores. Packers212121 is well-known for dating Mybeau and being a huge influence on her fanbase. His fans are known as backers, and he has a new club that has them in it.


Packers is seen to be nice guy making short movies and buying stuff off of random people's wishlist. As of August 2014 Packers started dressing as a girl. Though many fans seemed shocked Packers then explained that after MSP soon set a giftting limit (2012 MSP didn't have a limit), the items be bought for people wound up in his inventory, but when he tried to give it all back, the limit was set and they were stuck in his inventory.


Although there have been no documentations that Packers has got into conflict with others, there have been rumors and evidence that certain supporters from Team Pump have attacked him and Mybeau. He has never responded to the hatred that he gets from others, and he does not retaliate via artbook or statuses. Packers also does not connect other social media websites to Moviestarplanet. Therefore, there is less of a problem for him with arguments or conflict outside of MSP. On September 11th Packers was locked out of MSP. This left all his fans shocked and in disbelief. He got back his account but was unfortunately banned again on September 17th. Even more people are shocked, and some believed Packers was reported by Pumpchkin. However he's explained this in a movie, only for him to be banned a third time. Just like before, as of 12/22/14 or so he has been banned AGAIN, for a 4TH time.


  • He cheated on Mybeau.
  • He's used hacks to get so many diamonds.
  • Mybeau created Packers212121.


According to his biography on Moviestarplanet,

  • His real name is Daniel
  • He has blue/green eyes and red hair
  • He plays hockey
  • His favorite game is Final Fantasy

And not on his bio:

  • He was once on Team Pump
  • His birthday is 9/21
  • Packer's Bunny outfit.
  • One of his looks.
  • Another one of his looks!
  • Packers212121 in a chatroom