Papa the dinosaur is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). He is currently level 39 (Connected Moviestar). He is known for his creativity, mainly distributed through his unique "dinosaur" themed look's. 


Papa has always been a loyal Mybeauer and a great member to The peaceful team. He is really honest when it comes to anything. He is loved for his funny self and everything that has to do with him. He has his own Youtube channel which he posts videos of what he does on MSP. It hasn't been recorded that he has responded to any of the hate involving his team or himself. He is very peaceful, and mature, when it comes to bullies, and responding to them.

Papa is known for his dinosaur suits since he wears them all day, everyday. He gained fame quickly because of this and still does. Many people have started buying his looks making him have twins all across the virtual world. He promised his supporters that he would wear normal clothes for once and forfilled his promise. Since he gained his fame very quickly because of his dino personality, other users started copying his idea of it but instead, using the chickin costumes and other animal suits.


The majority of Papa's artbooks are to either tell others about the "Dino Family", to tell others to be original, or Candy artbooks that Papa created of one of some of the popular candies in reality. His candy artbooks are really creative with great detail earning hundred to thousands of loves and comments. Many of them reach the top in just a matter of days. His other artbooks are more like anyother about to stop bullying and copying others. Many meaning "Be Yourself".


  • He has a youtube channel that can be seen Here
  • He was once hacked by a user who said Papa was a porter and didn't like the dino thing anymore.
  • He is fairly unique.
  • He gained popularity from his dino outifts.
  • His artbooks are mostly famous.
  • He is often copied.
  • He is a Mybeauer™.
  • He is well known for being extremely kind to others.
  • He is known for being very close to the user Mybeau.
  • He is known for being an amazing singer.
  • He is a very creative user.
  • He has over 2,000 subscribers on youtube.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He has no regular clothes.