Pixi Star is a computer-controlled user of Moviestarplanet in every server. Her level remains unknown and is instead a blank star. She is the female counterpart Of Zac Sky.

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Pixi is a computer-controlled user who is in every server of the game. When a player first creates their accounts, if they are a girl, Pixi is the first friend they add. Everyone has Pixi as a friend, and once she is added, she cannot be deleted. Zac Sky is her male counterpart and does the exact same thing to male users. Previously in the game, she used to be the Extra Character 'Samantha.' As of now Samantha has been archived and turned into Pixi Star, but if one goes through her hair section, Samantha's old hairstyles can be seen.

Usual Appearance

Pixi has a unique and unusual range of outfits that get many loves at a time, and have to do with the theme. She does not buy different hair all the time, but instead buys the exact same hairstyle in the exact same color.


  • After Samantha was archived she is now in control of Casting.
  • She and Zac Sky both promote MSP in their status updates.
  • Zac Sky, her male counterpart, is her best friend.
  • It is impossible for male users to befriend Pixi.
  • It is impossible to delete Pixi from the friend list.paswoord