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May 2011

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No one

Best Friends:

Jade Pixel, maroon skies and absolzoey (4th)

pixie11111 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 20 (). Her sister in real life also has a MovieStarPlanet account under the name Absolzoey.

About pixie11111

Pixie is a fun and creative girl. She tends to like things her sister likes, and that is why she originally joined MovieStarPlanet. Though unlike her sister she loves books by the author "Jacqueline Wilson".

Recently, she has started up her own "Team". It is called "Team Awesome".

Usual Appearance

Pixie has an unusual appearance, she has aqua blue and hot pink "Alien Eyes" without any eyeshadow, she also has "Spiderleg Lashes" on her eyes. She has a pair of light blue "Perfect Pout" lips. She will wear whatever she owns when she feels like it.



Pixie makes and publishes many movies because she loves to do so. Sometimes she will become annoyed after making a new movie that doesn't receive views quickly.
Recently, she made a new series called "oh no are you ok" featuring her new boyfriend flyingcar. There are currently 4 parts released to the public. At this time it is unknown if she will continue this series or start a new one.

She started making short movies when she bought VIP again.


She will make artbooks for whatever occasion she can think of.


She makes looks of her new outfits most of the time.


  • She was hacked before.
  • She is Absolzoey's real life sister.
  • She knows maroon skies in real life.