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Princess7533 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 18 (Followed Movie Star). She joined MSP with this account on December 31, 2013.

Artbooks, Movies, and Looks

Artbooks: Princess has made many artbooks. Although many barely get over 10 loves, she is a proud owner of an art book with well over 100 loves. It is called SECURITY FOR MYBEAU. Her most recent one is called If I stayed preview.

Movies: She does not make very many movies, but she did have a few, called unpopular, barbies,and stray, but she wasn't getting very many views and she ran out of ideas for them. Most of her movies are about bullying but she's now started If I Stayed. Most of her movies get about 10 views or more.

Looks: She makes many looks of other people, but they're mostly of Mybeau and her high level friends. She says she's a "Fashion Guru".


Princess has been on MSP for quite a while. She had an account back in 2010 but she deleted it so she could play on Pixie Hollow, a site made by Disney. She later on made another account in early 2013, but also deleted it because at the time because MSP did not work well with internet explorer. She got a large amount of hate when she made an artbook about pumpchkin being mean. She had mean messages sent to her, several rude comments, and someone bullied her on her wall. That was when she threatened to delete her account. She did have a few supporters that begged her to stay, but several people asked for it. She left but came back a week later.

Lucky Potato

Princess loves potatoes. And she has made that clear with her potato-related status updates. What she does is she has a " lucky potato message" she sends a random user a message saying, 'I'm a potato O.o' She says this is good luck because out of the millions of MSP users, you were lucky enough to get the message. For even more good luck, she may spam your wall asking, 'Do you like potatoes?' Many users find this quite annoying, but she does it anyway, which has given her many more fans because "She's not afraid to be herself." and "She is ok with the effects her personality has."

Fan Base

Her fan base is so small, many people don't believe it could actually exist. Her supporters, called crowns, or "Team Royal", almost never admit to supporting her, considering that several people on MSP hate her. If princess gets VIP, she wants to make a club for her fan base, although she highly doubts more than 10 people will join it.

Princess supports many people, but the people she most supports are her friends and high level moviestars. She used to be a jewel but stopped supporting her for "Certain Reasons". She does still like jersey, and will defend jewels when they're being attacked by porters. She was a porter for less than 5 minutes.


  • She knows donut lovex, 6ArTrA6, and Tootietwo2 in real life.
  • Her name is Anna.
  • Her nicknames are girly goth and potato brat.
  • She is Native American and European
  • She is a pump hater.
  • Her few supporters are called crowns.
  • Her MSP family is her "Royal Family"
  • She considers herself a forumer.
  • She has a UK and CA account under the name of princess7533.
  • She loves to sing.
  • She was hacked 3 times, none of which were by famous hackers.
  • She doesn't date on a site of 'pixelated avatars'