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Pumpchkin is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 101 (Lifetime Moviestar). She is in 2nd place on the US Highscores board.


As Pump got more famous, she got more attention. As of the present Pumpchkin's user doesn't have to be auto-corrected by search engines anymore. Lots of her fame was good but of course not all of it was. Hate for the Movie Star came big when she had made a movie saying she doesn't support short movies and thinks they are ruining MSP, while some users think otherwise. She asked the viewers to put "Stop Short Movies" in their statuses, which led to another popular status going around made by users who support short movies: "Pump Can't Control Us".

The one part of Hatred had started this way, so people thought of this as Offensive, so they started sending her messages and death threats to try to make her leave MSP.

New accounts even started popping up that were dedicated to hating on Pump. They even had her name and "hater" in their usernames. As all of this was getting out of hand, her fans started standing up for her, putting "Team Pump" and "Porter" in their status. Other people who wanted to end the hate started "Project Peace". The support helped calm things down but unfortunately, not all the hate went away. Today, she is still battling haters and is currently being criticized for yet another break up with notorious boyfriend, Donnie C that seems permanent. She then months later started a relationship with RiLeY@SaHs. They took a break for quite a bit and were just friends due to fighting. They did make amends but Pumpchkin refused to add Riley back in her dating position on her main account. She DID, however, put Riley in her dating position on her back-up account Pumpi. Many Porters didn't realize this was Pump's back-up account. Much hate went to Riley for putting Pump's back-up as his girlfriend because they didn't know it was her. Today they are together.

Artbooks, Movies, & Looks



Pumpchkin has made a mass array of movie series and mini-movies. Some of her most popular series include Beautiful Betrayal, Deceptive, My Mom thinks She's a Teen, and Not without my sister.


Pumpchkin makes expensive looks everyday. Many users have bought her looks. Most of her looks are one of the top looks.

Impact On MovieStarPlanet

Pumpchkin has had so much impact on this game that it is rumored that MovieStarPlanet will Become Pump Planet or Shut down completely and give way to Pump Planet and become her ultimate empire. With that being said haters have been blasting her for using cheat machines to gain ultimate fame and power, while others claim she said she can't be banned because her dad owns moviestarplanet. Pump has however given MSP a positive set by promoting anti-bullying and has gone to the point where she has pointed out all her achievements on MovieStarPlanet on her bio. Some people have said that they have been bullied by her. Now that she is seemingly gaining levels faster and faster, more people are suspecting she is using hacks to gain popularity, but until there is any proof there is nothing stopping her.


  • Her real name is Carolyn.
  • Her backup account is Pumpi.
  • Her private account is Pumpi Pie <3. The account was banned, but there are already many rumors why.
  • She made her account in August of 2011.
  • She has a youtube account called Pumpchkin MSP
  • Her twitter is @_pumpchkin_ and her Instagram is Pumpchkiness
  • She does not like short movies.


  • Pumchkin uses Cheat/Hack Tools.
  • She's a bully.
  • She wishes Death Threats on people, in MSP and Twitter.
  • Someone knows her in real life as a boy.
  • She is in college.
  • She is a 90 year old man.
  • Her father created Moviestarplanet.
  • She has psychological problems.
  • Pumpchkin reported Packers212121 on purpose 4 times to have him permanently erased from Moviestarplanet.
  • She talks about her friends behind their backs.
  • She is Donnie C. Keep in mind these are just rumors, and they have yet to be proven true.


  • Pump's most recent appearance.
  • Another Pic of Pump.
  • Pump in the past.

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