Pumpi Pie <3 was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 56 (Award Moviestar) This account was Pumpchkin's private, backup account. Unfortunately this account was banned.


At first Pump states that she is not Pumpchkin, but later reveals that she is. It was used as a private account that is only open to Pump's closest friends and her top supporters. The account allows us to see more of her, "bad girl" side, and see more of her personality. She was often used to portray characters in her main account's movies. It was also used when she is hosting conests with her supporters. She would give away gifts from this account when she reaches gift limit on her other accounts.


Most of the artbooks on this account were contests or just random, fun artbooks. They are well decorated with random titles or just symbols. Her movies are often short, silent films. They get many views, usually ranging from 500-3000 views.

Main Account And Backup Account Problems

On her main account Pumpchkin she was having problems during "Supposed" threats from Mybeau fans which had made Pumpchkin not log in for 3 days. In a "interveiw" with Pumpchkin and Mybeau, Pump had mentioned on her main account that she was strong, and she deserved a chance. After that many people in Mybeau's team joined Pumpchkin's. Pump made it clear on her backup that she is welcoming people that will support her on her team. Then, Mybeau had passed Pumpchkin, only for Pump to suddenly take it back, seemingly overnight. The sidings were going about who would make a better 1st place person. So since then no one knows what is happening.