Rachelskye is a regular user of MovieStar Planet (US). She is level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


Rachel is a user who collects a lot of rares. She usually writes in her statuses about rare trades, which she is in to.

Usual Appearance and Style

Rachel has blue 'Sweet and Sour Stuff' eyes, the 'Pointy Nose' and light pink 'Perfect Pout' lips. Her style includes tomboy and girly girl with light colors and dark colors.

Artbooks, Movies, Looks


Rachel makes artbooks of things that are currently happening, or artbooks of fun. Some of her artbooks include rares and trading.


Rachel makes short movies and has 50 of them.


Rachel has looks that include original outfits, cartoon characters and outfits made by other people.


  • She has a lot of rares.
  • She loves art and acting.
  • She loves taking selfies and taking pictures of nature.
  • She plays the drums.
  • She has a sister.