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Raelyn is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (NO). She is Level 29. 


Raelyn is known for her rebellious style and her MSP music videos. One of her most watched videos is Applause and Anaconda. She is also known for her special effects in the videos and that she's made a video out of every song on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP album.

Artbooks, Movies & Looks


She usually makes Artbooks about her upcoming videos or equality for all. Sometimes she also makes Artbooks about safety and how much she loves her friends.


She used to make a lot of movies. Some of her biggest series was The Dinosaur Island (13 Parts, her most popular), Dont Drink The Love Potion (5 parts) and The Mirror Of Bloody Mary (3 Parts). Her last series was published almost a year ago.


Her trademarks are a black witch crown, black tights, black seashell bikini, long blonde hair and big black pumps. Her looks tend to be different and often very Lady Gaga inspired, Even though she has said that her biggest inspirations are Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.


She is tanned, her cheeks are in a red or pink blush, brown cat-eyes, all kinds of lipsticks and eyeshadows. Shes alsoo wearing 4 tattoos which she is never taking off. The heart tattoo is the symbol of her best friend, the stars represent her friends, the anchor means that no matter what happens, she wont leave you and the hearts on her leg represents her love for MovieStarPlanet.

In her videos she often appears in outfits inspired from the real music video/song. And she is often pushing the boundaries and trying out new crazy stuff. All of her looks are original and theres a meaning to most of them.


  • Shes been playing MSP since September 2011
  • She has made more than 50 videos on YouTube
  • The channel has to this date 122 subscribers, plus 15 from other channels
  • She has got 3000 friends
  • Her videos has over 10,000 in a total of four channels.
  • Shes known for her use of own drawings and art in videos
  • She is bi
  • Her MSP videos has hit #1 on MSP more than 10 times and in more countries than just the Norwegian server