Redda is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 12 (Movie Star) She has been VIP before.

This account was originally Rapunza #1 fan's, but Redda's account Rapunza #2 fan wouldn't send a confirmation email so she gave up her account to her.

Movies, Artbooks, Looks


Redda is currently working on her series, 'Trouble With Love'. It's about 3 girls who fall in love a boy and they fight about who will marry him.


Redda has created many artbooks including: Friends, Rainbow and Sweets.


Redda loves looks! She has alot, she pretty much creates 1 everytime she gets a new piece of clothing.


  • Rapunza #1 fan is Redda's sister in real life
  • Her birthday is December 27
  • Her favorite thing to do on MovieStarPlanet is to buy clothing.
  • Her favorite thing in movietown is looks.
  • Pretty much every single piece of clothing she owns is bought from her sister's looks.
  • Her favorite color is gold.
  • Her favorite day of the week is Tuesday.


  • She is a boy.

Keep in mind, this is a rumor.


Why did you join MovieStarPlanet?

Because it sounded fun

Where did you find out about MovieStarPlanet?

From my sister

Which do you like better: Your USA account or IE?


If you could rename your account to anything, what would you rename it to?


What would you be like if you never joined MovieStarPlanet?



Redda now mostly plays on her Ireland account (under same username). She is level 14 (In demand MovieStar) there. She is VIP.