A lot of the content on this page is the exact copy of that of a previous version of that on MovieStarPlanet Wiki.

Boonies are one of the few pets you can adopt on moviestarplanet. There are Evil Boonies, VIP Boonies, and Good Boonies. Each Boonie comes with it's own color combinations and accessories. This combination is randomized on purchase and can only be changed with diamonds.
A Boonie costs 900 starcoins in the "Boonie" section of the pet category.

Boonies, like regular pets, give you access to the Pet Park Chatroom. You can also add them to your room, Artbooks, your Biography page, Movies, and your avatar.

Caring For Your Boonie

Like all pets, Boonies must be fed and washed. If you don't feed them, they will become sick and you'll have to pay 20 coins to get them healthy again. If you don't wash them, they will have flies around them. You get 3 starcoins for washing a Boonie that has flies around it.

Boonie Levels

To play with your Boonie, click on it and select the volleyball. If you play with your Boonie enough, you will receive "Play Points". Play points will contribute to the Boonie level, similar to fame for moviestars. The more points you have, the higher level your Boonie will be.
VIPs earn double the Play Points.
You can also gain coins by petting another user's pet(s), depending on the pet's level you will recieve 1 to 3 coins.

Growing your Boonie

Keep feeding your pet when it's hungry. Once it gets up to the 9th point, it will grow to the next stage. Boonies have four stages - baby, child, teen, and adult. However, you can spend 12 diamonds to grow your Boonie instantly.


  • Along with the arrival of Bonsters the old versions of Boonies have been archived and replaced with new ones, but some users may still have the old boonies. The diamond shop section where a boonie can be changed into another boonie still works as well.