A lot of the content on this page is the exact copy of that of a previous version of MovieStarPlanet Wiki.

MovieStarPlanet is generally a fun place, but there are some users you have to watch out for. Here are some examples of scamming on MSP.


MovieStarPlanet is known for having compromisers all over. There are all kind of hackers. But some of them are very serious, because not only do they hack into your account, possbibly your computer, though the chance of this is unlikely. Hackers on MSP are on every server, but some servers have more hackers than others, specific severs are those servers with many user like the US server.

Dealing With Compromisers

If you see a compromiser in a chatroom, leave. Don't try saying "Hi" or try to start a conversation with them, as some hackers have apps only they can get, as one allows them to see your keystrokes, or what you're about to say before you even say a chat. Just leave the chatroom. If you go to several other chatrooms and they're still there block them then log off. Don't go on for about 5 minutes, it will give your account some time to refresh itself. After that then log back on. If you see any thing suspicious then report it to the MSP staff. If you don't have an email then tell your parents about what has been happening, then ask them if they could contact MovieStarPlanet staff. You'll know a hacker when you see one.

"I lost all my items!"

Some users pretend to have "lost" their fame or items and will ask others to help them by giving them an autograph or giving them a gift. Don't fall for this! Usually, this isn't true and the people asking you for "help" really just want to scam you. It's impossible to lose fame and very rarely will a hacker steal somebody's items. If somebody claims to have lost their fame or items or if they say they have been hacked at a high level and they ask for an autograph, wishy or anything else they are usually lying. Only a couple people actually tell the truth.

"If you give me a wishy or greet I will give you one!"

Don't trust people who say this. Usually, they're lying and will not give you an auto, greet or WL if you give them one. But people are becoming more trustworthy as MSP is getting older, so it's pretty much up to you to decide.

How to tell if they are a hacker

You can tell if someone is a hacker, because they usually look very new and are a really low level, mostly 5 and under. They also can conceal their faces with some colored wrap or they could have blood all over. Plus, If they are on a very low level, they won't have a chance of getting vip, so if they have skin that a vip could have, they must be a hacker or use a glitch. If you see some symptoms or anything on this list, this is a chance that they are a hacker. Sometimes if you look about their user there might be someone called (user) Is a hacker sometimes this is true.

How you can tell if a Hacker is on your friends account

Hackers always say things like 'beware' or 'I'm not nice.' They also put devil faces on the status updates, and their statuses may be those of grim Reaper (Haunted by the past, haunted by the future, hacked by grim reaper), Anonymous (Hacked by Anonymous, I can do almost everything) or Miss Filly (ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE I'M MISS FILLY AND I'M OUT TO GET YOU).