Starr Kisses is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 18 (Followed Moviestar).


She is found to be a very well spoken Moviestar. Starr is a confident person and will not hold back when she thinks something is wrong. Her feelings are explained, and not kept quiet. She stands up for her friends and is always a shoulder to cry on. She will catch you when you fall throughout friendship. She quit MSP for a month and came back April 21st 2014. To most she was considered forum famous until she quit. She joined in 2011 but she forgot her account info. She then started off as Blue Blue Girl. However she got hacked by a hater and they Stole everything she had, and send hate messages to people from this accouny. Once she deleted it because someone stole her username. She had Nerdy Kisses, Blue Blue Girl 3rd and also Dancing diamond. She deleted her Blue blue girl 3rd account after some crazed fan made "Blue blue boy". She has given The remaining accounts to friends. Also, She quit AGAIN for a month to join a game called IMVU but then she lost intrest. She also has a twitter account based on her MSP account. Now thats she's back she says she's going to try to start over.


  • Her favorite text emoticon is "o_o".
  • She loves the forums.
  • She has a love for llamas.
  • She is not afraid to speak her mind.
  • She will defend her friends.
  • She will NOT let anybody bully anybody else. (Even if she dont know them)
  • She enjoys accepting friend requests. (Unless your a creep xD)
  • One of her favorite games of "MSP" is "IMVU".
  • She's A Tomboy for sports but that doesn't stop her from being glamorous!!