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Straynge is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 25 (Fashionable MovieStar).

Usual Appearance

Straynge usually has a pair of pale eyes, beige lip color, and a tan skin tone. She often wears blonde hair with clothes of various colors that match (usually beige, black, and white). Her casual style is mostly "classy", but she can often be seen wearing a variety of "themed" looks that match the current theme.

Movies, Artbooks and Looks


Straynge has only made a few movies because most of her focus is on fashion


Her artbooks are made for special occasions, or to sell and trade outfits and items.


Her looks are admired and replicated as time goes on. Time, effort, and detail is put into every look


  • Her name in real life is Kristi
  • She is from North Eastern part of the USA.
  • She has one backup called "StrayngeFamous"
  • Her Birthday is April 30th.