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Sweetcupcake343434 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).


Sweetcupcake343434, also known as Avery, is known for previously being a member of the group A-Listers and, and being a movie viewer of a nice amount of Pumpchkin's movies. She used to be both a Jewel and an A-Lister, even after the huge fallout between the two groups. Then at one point, she felt that she needed to choose one team because she thought they both wouldn't except her like a lot of her friends. She decided to choose A-Listers over Jewels because she felt her friends that were Jewels didn't really notice her anymore and she could get a fresh start with A-Listers. About 1-3 months later, she joined TP (again, as she was once TP as a newb), and left A-Lister. She gained a lot of popularity being a Jewel and A-Lister. She leveled with the help of her short movies, greets, autographs, and claiming many awards.

When she's online, she always talks to, and often supports, support all her friends.

Avery has a few amount of movies which are short, but she's said to be making a new series. She previously had many series, but basically all of them have been deleted, except for about 2 because of the amount of veiws it's recieved.

Avery's artbooks are usually for fun, but once and a while she'll make a few serious artbooks. Though, nowadays, she doesn't make many artbooks anymore, as she's lost interest.

Usual Appearance and Style

Avery has blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, plum "Perfect Pout" lips, and tan skin with black eyeshadow. Her hair color is usually one color, often blonde, and is rarely multicolored. She quite often displays a unique bohemian tomboy style, which is usually topped off with a slight girly touch. She likes to include black and/or white in her outfits, and include other lighter or darker colors within.


  • Her name is Avery.
  • She has two backups which are also on the US: "ItzElli" (which she's never/RARELY on), and "Half a G6".
  • She received a friend request from 100%Random as a Jewel once, because she had supported her constantly and wrote in her guestbook daily.
  • She dislikes users that always ask her for wishlist items.
  • Her first club was Sweetcakes but she ended it.
  • Blue is her favorite color.
  • She's been a member of MSP since April 12th 2014.