Tawna Victimized.

A Picture of Tawna when she was hacked.

Tawna was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She was level 16 (Mega MovieStar) VIP, Judge and Celeb (Before the new levels). Unfortunately she was one of the several users who were banned after a supposed attack by the Grim Reaper.


If you were a staff member, you would think of Tawna as 'A bad girl' but inside that crusty, sensitive shell, there is a sweet and caring girl just waiting to break free, she tried to be helpful and cheerful around confused MovieStars, but If people nag her to do things like Diamond Ride, or want her to send a greeting, Tawna will be harsh at some times because she knows that people are just using her so they can be rich. She wanted to do a lot of good deeds, until she was banned.


Tawna's Hairstyle is a dark brunette shade, and her hair style Is VIP La Boheme (rare), she has Glitter Galore eyes, and the eye Colour Is a dark shade of Green though the whole eye shadow Is a light shade of Greens. Right now she's wearing a Black and white Baseball jacket, a black and white Trashy frills(rare), Golden loop earings, a black hair flower(rare), and Black Princess toes(rare).

The Grim Reaper effect

Tawna posted a fourm about pointing Grim reaper out. Grim Reaper got mad at this and targeted a fourmer, Morgan Spillane. He Is lmfaoisthebest's friend. Grim Reaper targeted others, and Tawna warned them about this. Grim Reaper got mad about this, and decided Tawna should be learned a lesson and targeted Tawna's sister, νινιαи. Grim Reaper made a little test fourm on νινιαи's account and Tawna, being Tawna, commented on this fourm and being the first commenter since it was not like νινιαи to be like that. Later on, Grim Reaper on νινιαи's user targeted many other commenters, Including Tawna, and they got hacked. When Tawna logged on the next day, she found her house had been locked from MovieStarPlanet, but from the help of Ditte S, she got her account back and found out Grim Reaper got her user locked, but she was only locked for a week. Later on, she continued to play MovieStarPlanet happily, until December 27th, Something Evil happened. Of course this wasn't Grim Reaper, but it was her cousin. Yes, her COUSIN.

The End

Tawna's Banned account.

Tawna's banned account.

On December 27th, her cousin was staying at their house. (Her cousin was staying with them for a period of time) she went Grocery shopping with her dad, but she forgot to log off her account. Her cousin was on her user the entire time she was gone. When she got back, she noticed her computer was shut down, so she turned it back on, and tried logging back in. The staff had locked her out of the game, with an unvalid ban.


Here Is Tawna's most popular series.

Love Story, P1 2 3 and 4: Emma Thompson Is a normal girl. She rides her motorbike to school each day. That's when Adam Smith catches her upon the corner of his eye, and has an instant crush on her. Cadance Diamond doesn't approve of this and neither do her two sidekicks, Susan Lagan and Violet Gardens. Cadance's best friend, Eve, Catches Cadance and her sidekicks bullying Emma. Adam puts a note In Emma's locker, wanting to meet her at the Lake. Emma finds it and goes there and finds Adam. Adam kisses her and says he has always admired her since she turned up at MSP High.

Later on, Adam meets Emma at the lake once more, but this time Cadence is sneaking up on them. She pushes Emma into the water and she drowns.

The next day, Adam is in Cadence's bed, and when she says the word 'Emma', she springs into Adam's mind. He immediately runs to the lake. Then The movie Switches to Emma in heaven. She escapes to earth when the Queen Angel isn't looking. When Adam sees her, he has a heart attack, and so does Eve because the shock killed them both. Emma leads them into heaven.

Emma's mother is sitting at Emma's grave, and Cadence kicks it. Emma's Mom asks why she did It. Cadence apologizes and says she kicked the wrong grave. Emma's Mom adopts Cadence. The Devil speaks to the Devil queen. The devil disguises as an angel and lures Adam, Eve and Emma Into the Devil Lair. They all get captured, and when Adam slashes an octopuses's Tentacle, Ella slips and bangs her head and winds up comatose. Since that episode it has never been continued.


  • Vινιαи is her sister in real life.
  • Tawna has a youtube channel.
  • Some believe Tawna was deleted by Grim, this is not true.
  • Some people believe Tawna quit.
  • Tawna's real name Is Nicole.
  • Tawna shares a blog with FlorenceKelly.
  • Tawna dislikes LittleA due to the fact that she made a good friend of hers quit.
  • Her best friends were once Pearl256, XX babylicious XX and I'm Karen!
  • Tawna's youtube channel has over 1,000 suscribers
  • When Tawna was on MSP before she was banned, People used to tease her because she usually wore retired outfits.
  • She is a fan of anime, manga and likes indie horror games such as Ib, .Flow and Mad Father.
  • Tawna's other account was KaylaKhocolateKate, but that was banned as well unfortunately.
  • Tawna Is 14 years old.
  • Tawna was born June 18th, making her a Gemini.
  • Tawna Is not Grim Reaper. If you see people saying this, report them immediately.
  • Tawna has a motto: "Stuffs hot strawberry holland waffle in your mouth-VICTORY!!!"
  • She and Vivian are both banned from MSP.
  • She was level 16 before the new levels, now her banned account is Level 22.
  • Her new account is called Yuka Mochida on the UK server.