Unicorndirectioner is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 30 (Headline Movie Star).


Unicorndirectioner is best known for her artbooks, two of which have 30,000+ loves and are in the top 3 most loved artbooks on the US server. She gained and continues to gain the vast majority of her fame from her artbooks, which are mainly of users dressed up as celebrities, movie characters, or TV show characters, but also gained some fame from her short movies and awards. When online, she shops and makes artbooks.

Usual Appearance

Unicorndirectioner has light blue eyes, peach "Cherry Gloss" lips, a freckled nose, and lightly tanned skin. Her style can be identified as "tomboy" at times, but her wardrobe contains many different styles. Her hair color varies but is most often light brown. Her looks are mainly based off of celebrities, movie characters, and TV show characters, but she also makes some for holidays.


  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Her favorite animals are unicorns.
  • Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift and her favorite boy band is One Direction.
  • "Cutiecowgirl99" and "Cakekay997" are her sisters in real life.
  • Making artbooks is her ultimate favorite thing to do on MSP.
  • She has a team called "Team Fantasy."