νινιαи was a regular user on Moviestarplanet (UK). She was VIP and Level 11 (Liked Star).νινιαи Is known around Moviestarplanet much because she Is Tawna's sister In real life, and she also made Shortmovies.


νινιαи has dark emerald green Pretty Perfect eyes, With Black eyeshadow. She has the freckles nose, And the accessory;'Freakles' with black blusher. Her lips are Black cool cat, And she has 'The color of death' On her. In a understandable speaking, she has skin that has the same shade as a white page. She wears white loop earnings, And she Is wearing a dark grey belly top with tassels on the belly top, She wears dark grey ripped shorts and the ripped parts are white and tan. She has black ugg boots, and she has a black cross that she wears around her neck. νινιαи was usually seen Using the Dracula chair animation.

The Grim Reaper Effect

When her sister, Tawna, pointed out Grim Reaper, Grim Reaper started hacking. In November, νινιαи had been placed as a deadly target. On November 11th, νινιαи had been struck as a victim, and Grim Reaper made a fourm on her account, When her sister, Tawna and many, many, many other users got hacked on. νινιαи decided not to show her face ever again, But she was persuaded to go back on again. When she replied to many messages, She got locked out by saying: 'No...I was hacked by her.' Later on, νινιαи was bullied by a girl, When νινιαи replied to her attention seeking messages, νινιαи was banned for Good from MSP, for 99,000+ Days.

Proof that νινιαи is never coming back on again

Tawna tried log Into νινιαи's account, and has stated before, νινιαи was locked out for 99,000 days. By the time the lock is over, a whopping 297 years will have gone by, and both Tawna & Vivian will have been Long dead since then.


  • νινιαи Is allowed by her sister, Tawna to make videos on Tawna's youtube account that νινιαи has created. Her videos are: Bad apple english version, and Path to decay.
  • νινιαи Is one of the users that her ban was involved with Grim-Reaper. The others being: Tawna, lmfaoisthebest, CosmicBombardment11, And many others.
  • νινιαи had a blog, but she deleted it because it had swearwords.
  • νινιαи Is emo.
  • νινιαи was one of the victims of Grim-Reaper, the most powerful hacker on moviestarplanet.
  • νινιαи gets confused with Vivi Giovanni Sometimes, because they have the same nickname, which, Is named, 'Vivi'.
  • She was 8 years old when she first joined Moviestarplanet.
  • She can be found on copmuter if you search her BFF, The Shadow Queen and the you can click on her (Note Vivian's picture is not there). She and her sister are also findable in The Shadow Queen's Artbook, The Mystery Between Tawna and Vivian.
  • Both Vivan and Tawna are banned now.
  • She was level 6 before the new levels came, now her banned account is Level 11.
  • Vivian The day she was hacked.
  • Grim reaper's forum while on Vivian's account.