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 Vivi Giovanni is the third most famous moviestar in moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 79 (). She's been a member since February 2013 and continues to make looks, artbooks, and movies in 2015. She is most famous for being a top notch member of the Porter group. Her supporters are known as Vipers and Vivi is the "Bad Girl" of the Dream Team.

Friendships & Relationships

Vivi joined MSP early on in 2012 but quit because she was getting bullied. Whe she returned in 2013, she was much tougher and had change quite a bit. Pump was touched by her story and befriended her.

Since rejoining, Vivi has become best friends with pumpchkin, CuteStuff., and Kylie_Kardash. Together they are known as the Dream Team Girls.

Vivi is openly bisexual, however she has not dated any girls since 2013, leading many to believe it was just a 'phase' she was going through. Her first girlfriend was kicked off Team Pump for bullying. She also dated CuteStuff. for a short time but they went back to being just best friends when Cutes admitted she was straight. Vivi has been in a relationship with Skrilla for the past few months, as of August 2015. They are known as Villa and they call their friends supporters members of the Villa Fam.

Artbooks, Movies, & Looks

Vivi has made many successful movie series' and earns plenty of fame without the help of her besties, contrary to some others' beliefs. She was able to reach level 25 on the old levels in less than three months. She is currently level 78 and is third on the Highscores page.

Vivi makes many Artbooks for competitions, her supporters, and to end bullying. She also made a Viper Auto System artbook saying that Vipers can use the same system as Stuffers.


  • Pumpchkin created her.
  • She bullies people on Moviestarplanet and Twitter.
  • Rumor has it that Vivi had recently quit on September 1, 2015 because of something personal going on in real life.


  • She is a teenager in high school.
  • Vivian is her real name.
  • She is Italian.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • She is very close with RiLeY@SaHs.
  • Many of her Vipers call her "Mama Viper".

MSP Kim from beautiful betrayal

How she looked in Pumpchkin's series, beautiful betrayal.