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Zoedired is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is on Level 16 (Must Watch MovieStar). Her old account was called ZoeGrande. Her blog is

Usual Appearance And Style

Zoe normally wears a tanned skin with freckles, blue VIP eyes and peachy pink lips. She occasionally changes her outfits for her movies, friends movies or the theme of the week. She usually wears brown or blonde hairstyles with colors that match her outfits. She likes to take time on her looks by making outfits of different colors, shoes, clothes and accessories.

Artbooks, Movies, and Looks


She usually posts artbooks about new movies, her friend's movies, hauls/giveaways, announcements or themes.


Zoe is known for her short movies and series. Some of the series that she made are "Dance Moms" (based off the TV show), The Twins and The Cheating Boy.


Zoe takes time on her looks to make sure that the hair, shoes, clothes and accessories match together to make a good outfit.


Zoe is a Angeling, Hero and Little Rox and she cares about both. First Zoe was an Angeling but when Hollyrenee unfriended her she became a Hero and Little Rox but then she found out that Angelings were kind and nice so she went on both teams.


Zoedired first created Zdlings in September 2014 when she wanted to make a club so her and her friend Diana thought of the name Zdlings so they choose it. Zoe made outfits and uniforms for people to wear so she knows that there in the Zdlings club. Zdlings is a very safe and kind place where people would like to stay.

Social Media

Zoedired has a blog called and its getting on really well. She stated doing there blogging in early April 2015. She loves blogging so much and tries to post things everyday. She has a Instagram called zoediredxx were she posts new things about her announcements, artbooks, movies looks, outfits, YouTube abd blog.


  • She is on the wiki under the name Zoedired.
  • She is an Angeling, Hero and Little Rox.
  • Her fans are called Zdlings.
  • Her Instagram is Zoediredxx
  • Her blog is called
  • Zoe's brother is on MSP his name is JoshuaRonaldo.
  • Her name on YouTube is Zoediredxx
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She loves Dance Moms.